Can Lactusan be used during pregnancy? And How? Thank you.

Lactusan is not absorbed into the blood and does not have a systemic effect on the body, which means it is absolutely safe during pregnancy: without getting into the blood, it has no effect on the fetus, etc. Lactusan is simply necessary during pregnancy, as 1) it prevents constipation, which is not uncommon during pregnancy, 2) it protects against intoxication or significantly minimizes it, 3) it protects the colon mucosa from infection. Take a) for prevention - 1 teaspoon per day; b) for the normalization of intestinal microflora - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day; e) for the treatment of constipation - 2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day. Prelaxan can be added to kefir, tea, juice.

At me a dysbacteriosis of 2 degrees. The doctor advised to take - bifidus and -lacto bacteria in large doses. I went through a course of treatment for a couple of months, .... and in a considerable amount. Has handed over analyzes: situation has not improved.

Take Lactusan - it will give energy for the growth and development of your normoflora, which is now oppressed. Take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day (morning and evening) for a month. Then once again do an analysis for the presence of bifido- and lactobacilli.

Hello. I'm 21, my stomach has been swelling for about a year, I went to a gastroenterologist, I gave feces for analysis, it showed dysbacteriosis. Before etim took strong antibiotics. I drank bacteria: enterogermina 2 packs (10 days), linex many times, and I looked for bacteria drank (foreign) I don’t remember the name. And all to no avail! and after all this, I again went to the doctor, she herself doesn’t know what to do. Tell me this lactusan will help in my case?? THX.

You have seen from your own experience that the elimination of dysbacteriosis by bacteria is not a very effective method. Lactusan has a different method of action. This method is described in detail on the site. Drink as it is written in the instructions, repeated tests will pleasantly surprise you. It is important to eliminate the cause - dysbacteriosis. the bloating associated with this will also pass, and the stool will be normal.

I have constant constipation, flatulence, dysbacteriosis III degree (anaerobic) Please tell me if Lactusan will help me.

Lactusan - to get rid of your ailments. About dosages: judging by your message, the disease is somewhat advanced, so I recommend starting with a single dose of 3-4 tablespoons (2-3 weeks). Further - as the daily stool normalizes, switch to taking 2 teaspoons 3 times a day for a week and another two weeks, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day with meals. Upon reaching a positive result - prevention 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a week ...

Hello! I’m 20 years old and for the last 2 years I’ve been suffering from constipation, especially when I sit in one place for a very long time .. (for example, at a desk at school) I also got sputum in the last month (I don’t get sick) after which a very unpleasant smell becomes mouth!! Tell me please, can this be the reason that I have problems with the thyroid gland, which I have been suffering for about 6 years?

Irina, in the process of finding out the causes of constipation, it is necessary to exclude organic pathology of the intestine (tumors, Crohn's disease, diverticular disease, developmental anomalies). Further, from the anamnesis, it turns out the presence of diseases that may be associated with impaired bowel function. In the case of such a connection, constipation is eliminated during the treatment of the underlying disease. If you need to constantly take medications, which in turn lead to constipation, then Lactusan is the optimal solution to the problem in this case. Since it does not cause addiction, it does not negatively affect other organs, it does not irritate the intestines and eliminates constipation.
Be healthy.

Good day! I am 25 years old, my immunity is very weak, I have been treating thrush for several years with a bunch of expensive drugs, but after half a year everything returns again if lactusan antimicrobial suppositories are used, etc. still need to use? and what dosage is needed for me, given that, on the contrary, I often have diarrhea. Thank you!

Svetlana, Lactusan can be taken both together and independently. If you are prone to diarrhea - split the dose into several doses (3-2), 1-2 teaspoonfuls, respectively, during meals. Drink for at least a month. Be healthy.

Good afternoon. Tell me at what time of the day to take Lactusan. Thank you

Irrelevant. Can be taken before meals or during meals. Add to drinks. Be healthy.

Good afternoon. Tell me how much time it takes to take a course of Laktusan? Is it necessary to change the nature of the food consumed for the best effect, for example, switch temporarily to vegetarianism? What is the difference between Laktusan and Laktofiltrum? Please send a copy of the answer to the box! Thank you in advance.

Good afternoon. The course of taking Lactusan is 20-30 days. You don't have to go vegetarian. But you should reconsider the consumed products. It is advisable to exclude (or at least reduce) various kinds of buns, sweets, potatoes, cabbage, sausages. Lactusan differs from Lactofiltrum in its content: in addition to lactulose, Lactofiltrum contains lignin. According to the content: according to the instructions, an adult needs 6-9 tablets of Lactofiltrum per day, which contains 0.72-1.08 g of lactulose. In the 1st teaspoon of Lactusan syrup - 2.5 g of lactulose, in Lactusan powder - 4.3 g. Be healthy.

I am 25 years old, since the age of 12 I have acne, acne, hormonal changes are minimal. After eating flour products, I have frequent constipation, can there be acne from constipation?
Often in those who suffer from skin diseases, dysbacteriosis of the large intestine is detected. Unfortunately, with dysbacteriosis, the synthesis of vitamins and biologically active substances is reduced; and increases the synthesis of toxins and harmful enzymes. This, in turn, breaks the impermeability of the intestinal wall, and toxins penetrate into the systemic circulation. All of the above factors have a negative impact on the human immune system and, accordingly, affect the condition of the skin.
Constipation, of course, can cause acne. And Lactusan will help you get rid of constipation when taken regularly for about 4-5 weeks.
hello! my child is 1.5 years old, from 6 months old, her tummy was very swollen at night, so she didn’t sleep, she saved herself only with espumesan, etc. until she saw a department in Zhytomyr where everything is connected with health, but not medicines, I tried to give the child a drink the course of 14 days everything seems to have passed, after 2 months we went to the sea where my tummy started to hurt and I gave pharmacy nifuroxazide, after that we drank lactusan again for 14 days, everything seems to be in order (only the diathesis has not gone away), I wanted to ask how often can such children take lactusan, and do you have something specifically for diathesis
Lactusan can be taken systematically. The active substance in Laktusan itself is lactulose, supplied by Felicata Ukraine to many manufacturers in Ukraine and neighboring countries for the production of functional products, for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Kefir, milk, cottage cheese, light butter, sweets, marshmallows, drinks - this is a small list of products for daily consumption with Lactusan. Lactusan is food for fibidos and lactobacilli. Read the article "functions of microflora" and you yourself will understand everything.
For a child 1.8 months old, after a / b therapy, diarrhea, how many days to take Lactusan?

Accept, 7-14 days. Look further at the results.

Please tell me, is it possible to take lactusan and hilak forte at the same time


The gastroenterologist diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS - explained that the cause of constipation is that the large intestine is working normally, and the small intestine is stretched and stool stagnates in the small intestine. Will your remedy help me. And my hair falls out very badly.

Olga, Lactusan is a safe remedy and you should try it. It is never too late to switch to enemas or drugs that are addictive for life. Lactusan does not cause addiction even with prolonged use, it does not negatively affect other organs, but only reduces the load on the liver and kidneys.
To begin with, increase the dose - 3-4 tablespoons.
Further adjust, depending on the result. Achieve frequent or liquid stools, and then reduce by 1 spoon.
Be healthy.

Good afternoon! I suffer from constipation for a very long time (more than 9 years), for the last 6-7 years I have been regularly taking senna, buckthorn, enemas. Examined (dolichosigma sigma, intestines, polyps in the gallbladder, chronic colitis). I took Prelaxan for 10 days, Espumizan did not remove flatulence at all, on the 9th day (in the absence of effect and a dosage of up to 12 tablespoons per day) it became bad, sprinkled. I drank senna, I felt better. But what to do next? How not to bring yourself to such a state by taking Prelaxan, and in the absence of an effect, at least a little additional help to the intestines and yourself, of course, avoiding a return to taking senna, buckthorn. Help, please, to develop the correct and optimal course of treatment. Since my doctor can offer nothing but a suggestion to drink Guttalax or Picollax.

Julia, at the beginning of taking Prelaxan after long-term use of senna, buckthorn, etc. You can do a small enema once a week. Since feces are formed in the intestines after Prelaxan in a good volume from the first days, however, it is a mild laxative, and after irritants, Prelaxan sometimes does not work as we would like from the first days. Therefore, it is recommended to do an enema of about 200 g, not more than 1 time per week. For the best effect, drink on an empty stomach, in the morning, with a glass of water - around 7:30, half an hour later - breakfast. Pay attention to your diet. Be healthy.

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